H6 is a high-performance liquid with surfactants for better cleaning of Toilet Bowls and Urinals.It can be used for cleaning the Wash Basin. The Chelating agent in the H6 also reacts with Hard Water.

H6 Toilet Bowl Cleaner is available in two varieties:

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Standard Formula

2. Super Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Green

Special features of H6 Toilet bowl cleaner by KKE Chemicals

  • Fights tough stains.
  • Super Active for quick and immediate results
  • Leaves a Bright Shine and keeps the toilet bowl as good as new.

Uses: Toilet Bowl, Wash Basin, Urinals, etc.

Dilution: Ready to Use

Usage : 

1. Flush the Toilet

2. Apply H6 under the rim

3. Brush lightly to spread H6 evenly

4. Leave for 5 - 10 mins

5. Brush lightly again if required              

6. Flush again.

Size : 5 L, 26 L, 200 L