KKE Chemicals offers a wide range of housekeeping chemicals that are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. The chemicals are suitable for property cleaning, hotels and resorts, industries, laundries, facility management companies. We have bulk and wholesale packaging sizes which make our chemicals cost-effective and affordable, even with premium quality.

 List of housekeeping products

Toilet Cleaner

H6 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

H1 Floor Cleaner

Orange Multipurpose Cleaner

H2 Orange Multipurpose Cleaner

Glass Cleaner Concentrate

H3 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Room Freshener

H5 Room Freshener

Heavy Duty Degreaser

H7 Heavy Duty Degreaser

Kettle Descaler

H8 Kettle Descaler

Bathroom Descaler

H9 Bathroom Descaler

Carpet & upholstery Cleaner

H10 Carpet & upholstery Cleaner

All the above products can be private labelled for bulk quantities in your brand name.