H2 Orange Multipurpose Cleaner as the name suggests is a Multi Purpose Cleaner and can be used for cleaning floors and walls effectively. You can also use diluted product in a spray bottle and use it to clean door handles, table tops etc. The product has Natural Orange extracts which makes it very powerful and yet is Biodegradable.

Uses Floors, Italian Marble, Walls, Degreasing etc.

Dilution: For Normal Soiling: 20 - 40 ml H2 in 1litre water

For Heavy Soiling: 50 ml H2 in 1litre water


1. Add 20- 40 ml H1 in1 litre of water, and  Drench the Microfiber in the dilution.              

2. Spray on the surface                

3. Clean the surface normally using microfiber cloth                 

4. Rinse the cloth frequently and Scrub if necessary.